Free for Small Business

user interfaceYou can sign-up for account and use Tags Reaper free of charge. This option is effective for low resource consumption crawling tasks (CPU and memory usage, small-to-average data download).

You can begin with the Free Plan to test the TR features and job quality.

If you require your own dedicated installation on your own server or professional data scraping services using our servers or Amazon cloud, you would need a Professional plan.

Professional Plan

web developmentPricing varies by job. Factors that affect the cost of a project include:

  • Overall size and complexity of the job
  • Amount of data to be downloaded
  • Complexity of agent creation
  • Number of websites supported
  • Frequency of data recrawling
  • Need for anonymous services
  • Custom engineering and other product enhancements
  • Data validation efforts

Professional plan includes detailed Zabbix-based monitoring system (with more than 90 parameters, such as OS resources, transportation system, DTM and crawling service schedulers) and up to 30 indicators of the crawling process conditions, URL counters, requests, responses, selected content blocks, removed resources, new resources, etc).

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